See you in Aarhus!

Dear RSA friends,

We look forward to welcome you all from April 4-6 at the 6th RSA meeting in Aarhus, hosted by Maiken Stilling and her research group.
An interesting program has been organized with oral presentations by you as well as prominent keynote speakers like Prof Nico Verdonschot (the Netherlands), Prof Scott Banks (US), and Dr.Ir. Bart Kaptein.
Furthermore, we have organized some interactive activities with you as participants. The latter involves workshops on four RSA related themes. During these theme discussions we will gather your input on important RSA issues, like research methodology, RSA guidelines, addressing policymakers etc.
To stimulate those of you who have send in papers, prices for the best oral presentations (1000€, 500€) and for the paper, which addresses multicentre multinational RSA collaboration (the Edward Valstar award, 1500€) will be awarded.
Finally, we have a price for the person who has the best design for our RSA Society LOGO (150€). Please send your suggestion to the RSA Society email address (
The General Assembly of the International Radiostereometry Society ( will be on Friday April 5, the agenda is attached. If you want to bring up issues to be discussed, please feel free to send them to us or the RSA Society email address (

Please keep updated on

See you all soon in Aarhus!

Warmest regards,

Rob Nelissen Maiken Stilling