International Radiostereometry Society

Dear RSA friends,

The 2017 ANZORS-RSA Joint Conference is approaching fast, and we would like to make some announcements regarding formalization of the Clinical RSA Research Network into an International Radiostereometry Society.

In order to guarantee continuity of the International Radiostereometry Society we have worked to make it an official society, which includes an Executive Committee (board) and members. The draft bylaws of our society are published on this website.

We invite you all to attend the RSA Society Meeting General Assembly that is planned during the ANZORS-RSA Joint Conference on Saturday October 7 (11:17-12:20) in Adelaide, Australia. During this meeting we will propose future activities of the society and at the same time we ask for your input to form the society. The meeting agenda is outlined below.

We hereby also invite you to become a member of the International Radiostereometry Society. You can apply for membership by filling in this form. Currently, membership is free of charge.

We are looking forward to seeing most of you in Adelaide.

Please feel free to join us!


Kind Regards,

Rob Nelissen (President)
Johan Kärholm (Vice-President)
Maiken Stilling (Secretary)
Mike Dunbar (Treasurer)
Bart Kaptein (Editor)