Implant Quality And Patient Safety Symposium, Efort (London), June 5, 2014

Contrary to the introduction of new pharmaceuticals, the introduction of joint replacement prostheses is not well regulated. Although a higher control was already proposed by Henrik Malchau in 1995, not much has changed in the past 20 years, as was shown by the recent failure of hip resurfacing prostheses. Patients, regulators, and industry will all benefit from an improved market introduction that increases patient safety.

In this special session, a number of recognised experts and their junior researchers will update us on available techniques that can be used in the safe phased introduction of new joint replacement prostheses. The experts will give a broad overview of the RSA technique, and their young researchers will provide details of a clinical study in which the RSA technique was successfully used. The audience will be invited to get involved in a round table discussion.

Come and join us to the Implant Quality And Patient Safety symposium that will take place on Thursday June 5, 2014 at nine hour at the 15 Efort Congress in London